Livestock Development Corporation| Rue Foe Yaoundé Cameroun


Pork consumption has grown and SODEPA has set up support structures with the help of the State and its partners.

As part of its policy to support the development of animal production, the Government of Cameroon has set up sheep and pig production units. The Bonedale slaughterhouse in Douala with a capacity of 100 pigs per day already covers part of the demand.

Plans to build pig slaughterhouses are due to become operational soon.


The pig family

Piglet : the young of a sow

Suckling pig : 5-week old piglet

Gilt : female that has never had a piglet

Sow : female that has already had a litter

Boar : breeding male

Finishing pig : male or female pig reared for meat

Mission Statement

Our daily concern is to support farmers and provide consumers in Cameroon with quality   ORGANIC meat.