Livestock Development Corporation| Rue Foe Yaoundé Cameroun


Since its creation, SODEPA, like every other company, has evolved in line with production in the cattle sector, which is the main source of its revenue. The coming years could bring good news and boost the growth of the company with the signing of partnership agreements on the financing of entire sections of the animal production sector.

The construction of warehouses and slaughterhouses with the help of partners has enabled SODEPA to better serve its customers and look forward to the future with great serenity. New challenges await the new team, which is expected to meet new demands with the delivery of two slaughterhouses in Ngaoundere and Douala.

The Government of Cameroon has given instructions for the annual budget to be increased. From CFA F 833,750,000, the budget could go up to 10 billion thanks to the contribution of international donors such as the AFDB and the World Bank. In order to remain competitive, the company has adopted a new graphic charter that governs all corporate, print and event communication.

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