Livestock Development Corporation| Rue Foe Yaoundé Cameroun


Develop value-added initiatives to create value through targeted investments.

Thanks to the support of the State and donors, SODEPA is developing long-term projects by focusing on investments in the various areas of the beef and pork industry. These long-term projects should be job-creating factors and, above all, have a social impact on young people.

Under the supervision of MINEPIA, the company’s role is to ensure the availability of animal proteins and to supervise and support producers and breeders in the sector. Without strong action to increase supply by 2018, the meat deficit will exceed 134,000 tonnes. To address this problem, SODEPA has undertaken to provide the population with animal proteins from quality beef, within the framework of the Triennial Emergency Plan for the Acceleration of Growth (PLANUT) and through the programme for the development of animal industries:

 • the setting up of industrial slaughterhouses in Ngaoundere, Douala, Maroua and Bamenda;
 • the setting up of pilot butcher shops in accordance with recommended standards;
 • the setting up of cold stores;
 • the establishment of a biotechnology centre for the production of seeds and cattle embryos;
 • the development of cattle/meat farms;
 • the contribution to the development of milk production;
 • the development of animal feed;
 • the development of livestock infrastructure;
 • the extension and training of economic stakeholders and entrepreneurs in the livestock sector and the processing of livestock products.

The roll out of these activities will create many jobs for young people and give rise to a new generation business people.

SODEPA, partenaire de l’innovation technologique dans le développement et la promotion de la filière d'élevage. Notre pôle recherche et développement apporte son savoir-faire pour l'amélioration de la qualité de nos élevages.

Des unités de stockage et des abattoirs ultra moderne pour la conservation et l'abattage des animaux. L'entreprise a invetsi dans ces unités afin d'améliorer son rendement

Mission Statement

Our daily concern is to support farmers and provide consumers in Cameroon with quality   ORGANIC meat.