Livestock Development Corporation| Rue Foe Yaoundé Cameroun


Support investments that provide full employment and the transformation of livestock production.

Over the past several years, our company has acquired considerable experience in the development and management of livestock farmers and especially in the production of beef. By providing beef to the general public, SODEPA is addressing the challenge of self-sufficiency in beef and pork and the characterisation of the source of our meat. We provide the technical resources that guarantee the supply of meat in quality and quantity to the population.

Through an approach that prioritises quality production-based know-how, we have set up a food security chain by breaking new ground in the development of crossbreeding technologies; these techniques have borne fruit with immediate effects.

For example: Simgoud (a cross between Goudali and Simmental) and other breeds such as the purebred and mixed Charolais, the purebred and mixed Holstein, the mixed Boran.


Develop expertise rooted in Cameroonian tradition to increase the value of local products in a rapidly changing market.

A company that is committed to corporate responsibility and supports growth

One of SODEPA’s strengths is its ability to meet consumers’ expectations by providing them with quality meat. This approach is based on know-how acquired over the years. It also reflects our quality and environmental charter, which enables us to be as close to the market and our customers as possible.

In order for the company to be in alignment with the current situation, we need some readjustment of skills and services. The ability to transform a fine piece of meat into something special requires a certain amount of know-how. From insemination through breeding, we strive to comply with basic principles in every operation: slaughtering, dressing and butchering of the animal, which involves two successive operations that enable us to go from the carcass to the piece of meat: boning, the separation of muscle from bone, and butchering (separation of the muscles from each other). In addition to these traditional activities, we are considering an agro-industrial approach in the near future, which will automatically bring new challenges.

Mission Statement

Our daily concern is to support farmers and provide consumers in Cameroon with quality   ORGANIC meat.


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