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Located in Betare-Oya Sub-Division, Lom and Ndjerem Division, East Region of Cameroon, the operational unit of Ndokayo is SODEPA’s largest operational unit in terms of space (144,800 hectares). The space asset of this breeding unit is conducive for nourishing the company’s ambitions for efficient animal productionWith a permanent staff of about 100 people, this ranch is a factor in opening up the area.

The Ndokayo Ranch is located in the Kadey River Basin (all rivers of the ranch drain into the Kadey River Basin), 133 km from the capital of East Region (Bertoua). The climatic conditions are typical of a Sudano-Guinean transitional zone, with composite vegetation, mainly made up of wooded savannah, but also of forest galleries along the rivers.  This area is endowed with many natural resources, especially wood. The ranch’s soil, meanwhile, is quite fertile and counts nearly 2537 animals (March 2020). Its herd consists of Goudali, Simgoud (crossing between a Simmenthal and a Goudali), Bodali (crossing between a Goudali and a Borane) and Charodali (crossing between a Charolais and a Goudali). Its environment consists mainly of natural pastures and some improved pastures. The various camps are as follows: General Camp/Mboko; Minalé/Oudou camp; Gabong /Songongo.

Its fleet of automobiles, including a grader, a bulldozer and a tractor, provides considerable support for the smooth running of the ranch and its expansion, especially in the development and spread of fodder cultivation and livestock techniques. As far as water supply is concerned, the ranch has 2 spring water sources and 1 borehole. There is also a school to facilitate the socialisation of the children living on the ranch and an infirmary to provide emergency first aid to the ranchers.

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