Livestock Development Corporation| Rue Foe Yaoundé Cameroun


About forty years after its creation, the Livestock Development Corporation is now in the process of restructuring. This entails an in-depth transformation that will enable the company to leverage its strengths to better inform you about the challenges we face. The development, processing and commercialisation of animal products are at the core of our business. This is an important step, it guarantees the robustness and growth of a company that wants to be socially responsible and competitive. One of the main thrusts of our various missions is to provide service that is tailored to a clientele that has become increasingly demanding over the years. From production to processing and distribution of products, SODEPA incorporates technology at all stages to guarantee safety, traceability and quality in accordance with international standards. It is an approach that puts the consumer at the centre of our concerns. Our future depends on the improvement of our offer and service, but also on making the right choices in the promotion and enhancement of the livestock sector, and in the support and coaching of breeders. Through our different forms of support, we affirm our values and our principles of action based on convincing results. One of the company’s objectives is to modernise and ensure self-sufficiency in animal proteins by 2035. The task is vast and exciting, and the challenges many. SODEPA has resolutely adopted an innovative approach by addressing the current challenges of the animal production and consumption sector. Leveraging our achievements for growth driven by sound and republican values will boost this transformation.


Thanks to support from our partners and the Government, our main shareholder, we plan to start growing fodder in the near future, and to set up cold stores in the main towns of Cameroon. Mobile slaughterhouses for small ruminants have been officially received. Modern butcher shops and the development of our ranches are also part of the management plan.

At the dawn of Cameroon’s emergence, we have taken the gamble of going digital with the launch of this website which will enable us to get closer to you. We have great ambitions and a social responsibility that is commensurate with the challenges ahead.

Koulagna Koutou Denis

General Manager