Livestock Development Corporation| Rue Foe Yaoundé Cameroun



Supporting actors in the livestock sector is one of the sacred missions of the Livestock Development Corporation (SODEPA). The capacity to produce clear and relevant cattle supporting documents (CSDs) on a given herd is one of SODEPA’s banner calls. The CSD requires information on the life of each cattle identified. A livestock management software called MyCow is being rolled out. Workshops on the use of this pioneering software were organised in the Faro and Ndokayo Ranches from 11 to 21 July 2020.

Cattle production and farming are activities that require traceability of live animals and careful monitoring of all the major events in an animal’s life. The collection, analysis and processing of information on health, nutrition, reproduction, the environment and supervision are, in a nutshell, the features that were presented to the beneficiaries of this training focused on the processing of cattle information.

The two workshops held in the FARO and NDOKAYO Ranches featured various profiles (Veterinary doctors, veterinary nurses, livestock supervisors and administrative staff) and the discussions were based on the following topics:

  • Introduction to cattle information
  • Collection and Dissemination of Livestock Information
  • Identification of cattle and codification of livestock features
  • Using MyCowSoftware

Supervisory staff can now familiarise themselves with this tool, which is sure to change the face of cattle breeding in Cameroon.