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National pride of Faro-and-Deo Division in the Adamawa Region, also called « Water Castle » of Cameroon, the Faro Ranch is the second largest SODEPA Ranch with its 60,000 hectares. The ecosystem of this livestock unit is influenced by the geography and climate of the Region. The Adamawa Plateau is located between 1000 and 2000 meters above sea level where cold and dry winds are common, especially at night. Bordered to the west by Nigeria and to the east by the Central African Republic, this region has mostly red or brownish laterite soils. These geothermal conditions have a considerable impact on the ranch’s activities. The distance between the General Camp and the Ranch (Administrative Camp) and Tignere (capital of the Faro-and Deo Division) is 40km. The General Camp is 32 km from Libong.


The Faro Ranch occupies 1/6th of the surface area of Tignere Sub-Division. It has a primary school and an infirmary, which are essential for the well-being of its inhabitants. In addition, the staff is cosmopolitan and multigenerational. All employees are accommodated and there are stop-over huts for guests.

In addition, the production of bracharia (a variety of fodder), maize and honey is flourishing. The herd is estimated at 9140 cattle (January 2019). It is composed of pure breeds such as Goudali and mixed breeds resulting from the crossing between the local Goudali and exotic breeds (Simmental, Charolais). Milk production is done using traditional methods and is exclusively sold and delivered in Tignere and NGaoundere.

The different camps of this operational unit are: Karedje; Male1; Male2; Bangone; Fom; GMB; Mbentelling; PL (Milk Project); IA (Artificial Insemination). In addition to the ranch, SODEPA owns agropastoral areas with high economic potential in Adamawa, notably in Djohong (62,000 hectares), Dibi (31,500 hectares) and Tourningal (40,000 hectares).

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