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A biotechnology antenna par excellence, the Jakiri breeding station is the research and development center at the heart of SODEPA. In this operational unit, techniques for artificial insemination and M.O.E.T. (Multi Ovulation and Embryo Transfer) are developed with the main objective of improving the output of the various productions. The livestock of this operational unit is estimated at 573 cattle (January 2019), featuring pure breeds such as GoudaliSimmental, Holstein, Charolais and cross breeds such as Simgoud (cross between a Simmental and a Goudali) and Holsdali (cross between Holstein and Goudali).

 The particularity of this breeding station is the breeding of the beef breed Holstein (name originating in Germany) mainly devoted to the production of milk. The introduction of this black piebald breed with well-defined spots into the herd of the Livestock Development Corporation, is an asset that will help to relaunch and redeploy actions in the dairy sector in Cameroon. The current Director General of SODEPA, KOULAGNA KOUTOU DENIS, has made it a point of honor in his recovery policy.


Covering an area of 500 hectares, this research centre benefits from ideal thermal conditions (average altitude) for the acclimatisation of temperate zone varieties.Jakiri Sub-Division is located in Mbui Division, Northwest Region. This operational unit is located between the town of Kumbo and the chief town of the Region (Bamenda).

The ecosystem of this Region is made up of fertile soils and a mild climate conducive for the growth of pastures. The environment is dominated by shrub savannahs.

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