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Meat Processing

It is the crucial link in the sector's value chain. It is of paramount importance in the meat industry.


Today, consumption patterns have changed and meeting the requirements of this trend is fundamental to the processing of the product. It is therefore one of the stages in the value chain where meat is handled the most: slaughter, cutting, boning and packaging.

This process features designated areas: cutting and boning rooms, packing areas, warehouses. They must comply with health rules and are equipped in such a way as to be suitable for the processes used. Cooling, freezing and room temperature requirements must also be taken into account.

Cutting and deboning

They are an integral part of the meat processing circuit. These are operations that contribute to the processing of the carcass and are carried out on fresh meat following industrial practices. They can be done by hand by workers (electric saws, hand saws, knives) or by automated equipment. The production line is regularly examined through sampling to ensure that the process used is producing safe and consumable meat.

We offer our customers our know-how for quality work in accordance with our various charters (quality, environmental).  All operations in the chain are guided by standards that prescribe impeccable hygiene and traceability for good quality products.

Processing Techniques

Meat processing techniques involve several stages and procedures. Once the product has left the slaughterhouse or warehouse, it can undergo several processes before it reaches the consumer’s plate, using everyday tools such as a meat grinder, a butcher’s knife, a refrigerator, a cutting table and bone saws. These tools exist for these « traditional » operations on the market. Modern consumer habits have prompted the company to incorporate extensive health and sanitation checks on processed products.

The various techniques for processing meat are:
– Cutting, grinding and chopping;
 – Mixing;
 – Seasoning;
 – Stuffing of hoses;
 – Heat treatment