Livestock Development Corporation| Rue Foe Yaoundé Cameroun


Social action is part of the company's foundation and its inclusion in the deployment of projects contributes to the development of SODEPA's potential.

SODEPA looks forward to a future in which the social sector plays an important role in the development of the company. One of SODEPA’s challenges is to develop value-added structural social projects in order to improve the conditions of people living near ranches and give them access to well-being. Social innovation also requires that livestock farming areas be integrated into the concept of sustainable development of a social nature by encouraging people to take care of their environment.

Social activities at SODEPA

These are activities that are related to the celebration of IWD (International Women’s Day) which is held every 8 March.

  • Human investment in the units
  • Educational talks
  • Learning of new trades
  • Valorisation of cultures through gastronomic days

Staff sports activities

These include physical activities such as: 

  • Women’s football matches between the Head Office and the Yaounde Slaughterhouse.
  • Sports walk
  • Sports weekend (some Saturdays). 

Recreational activities

  • Creation of a choir
  • Awards Ceremony (2018)
  • Ceremony for the presentation of new year wishes


There are schools on the ranches to promote the education of the children of our ranch employees and herders.

Other projects are underway.