Livestock Development Corporation| Rue Foe Yaoundé Cameroun


For more than forty years, SODEPA has been developing increasingly tailored offers.

Cameroon’s high population growth has prompted the Government to review its food and health policy. SODEPA is the conduit for government directives. The availability of SODEPA’s products to the consumer under the conditions of time, place and price is, in the current circumstances, subject to an ever-increasing demand. Large cities such as Douala and Yaounde already benefit from slaughter and storage units that facilitate supply to the local market.

Discussions are underway to include online sales and delivery of the company's products in its development plan.

The sale of beef and goat meat is essentially tailored for the Cameroonian market for the time being. Anticipating and providing the consumer with good quality meat is proof of commitment. Our breeding farms are composed of carefully selected breeds in order to satisfy a demanding clientele that is very particular about the quality of our offer. All the company’s products comply with strict health and sanitation regulations and are environmentally friendly.

Part of the domestic market is serviced by imports, and the company is working hard to supply the growing domestic market which requires special attention from public authorities in its development and revitalisation.