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Livestock Development Corporation



Created by Decree No. 74/182 of 8 March 1974, amended and supplemented by Decree No. 81/395 of 9 September 1981, the Livestock Development Corporation (SODEPA) is a public limited company with a Board of Directors and a capital of CFA F 11,962,221,262. With Head Office in Yaounde (Rue Foe), it has become a key tool for the government to ensure food security and self-sufficiency in Cameroon. SODEPA is a top tier company and plays a strategic role in socio-economic development that ensures equitable growth in the country through the management of ranches, (pilot) slaughterhouses and cold stores

This state-owned company, which is not well-known in Cameroon, has seen several successive managers. The new management team has drawn up a long-term development plan with a complete reorganisation incorporating all aspects of the company.


48 years of presence...

Developing, follow up and improving the animal production sector...




March 8, 1974: Year of creation of SODEPA by presidential decree to support and supervise animal production in Cameroon. On September 9, 1981, another decree modified and supplemented it.

Hamadjoda ADJOUDJI was appointed General Manager of the company until July 7, 1984 when he was appointed Minister of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries.


March 1984: ENGUELEGUELLE Etienne was appointed GM of SODEPA, he spent fifteen years at the helm of the company before going on retirement.


24 February 1999: ABOUBAKAR Sarki was appointed GM of the company. He remained there for a few years before being appointed to the post of Minister of Fisheries and Animal Industries, which he held for a few years.


8 April: BOUBA NDENGUE Dieudonné replaced former Minister ABOUBAKAR Sarki as head of the company. He managed the company for eleven years, during which time he also contributed to its development.


4 February 2016: KOULAGNA KOUTOU Denis took the reins of the company. There are reforms underway to modernise SODEPA and give it a modern outlook. The Government of Cameroon, main partner, has decided to fully support this reorganisation effort that is necessary for the growth of this company with full potential. Funding agreements have been signed with donors.


February, 12 2021 : Presidential Decree, transforming the Livestock Development Corporation to a public corporation.

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