Livestock Development Corporation| Rue Foe Yaoundé Cameroun


In accordance with DECREE N° 2021/091 OF 12 FEB 2021 transforming the Livestock Development Corporation into a Public Limited Company, the company's mission is to:

a) with regard to the development of pastoral areas:

– The management of community lands, pastoral areas and all the collective works of the said areas existing or to be created by it, in accordance with the clauses and conditions of the duty specifications appended to the decree of concession

– Technical assistance and supervision to farmers and stockbreeders in the national agro-pastoral areas;

– Technical assistance and supervision to local authorities for the development of agro-pastoral areas;

– The rental, purchase and sale of all buildings and land related to the above-mentioned objectives;

– The provision of fodder resources, inputs and equipment for the production of animal feed to producers, in return for payment;

b) with regard to livestock development: 

  • The acquisition, creation, administration, operation and development of all livestock breeding enterprises, the production of agricultural supplies necessary for this breeding, the processing and conservation of animal products, especially in slaughterhouses, cold stores and packaging workshops
  • The promotion of breeding techniques, products and by-products intended for marketing;
  • Contributing to the genetic improvement of livestock;                                         
  • The participation in the creation of all industrial and commercial establishments or enterprises of any kind which are also related to its corporate purpose;


c) with regard to the processing and marketing of livestock products and by-products :

  • Trade in raw or processed livestock products, including their by-products, in its own establishments or in relation to third parties in accordance with previously defined specifications;
  • The creation and management of a safety stock of meat in cold stores;
  • The undertaking of any commercial or industrial operation that may be related to the above-mentioned objectives by way of creating a new company, contribution, merger, partnership or otherwise.

 In general;

  • To carry out all public service operations or missions related to the purpose of the company and directly related to the activities defined above or likely to promote the development of livestock;

To carry out all other missions entrusted to it by the State.


Grow our business for positive social impact by combining our expertise, vibrancy and the enthusiasm of Cameroonian youth for strong growth.

This vision, based on an internal growth strategy, will enable the company to build its capacities and skills. This will be achieved through the acquisition and development of new assets, in particular the creation of operational structures for intervention, pastoral vocations for semi-intensive livestock systems and the extension of the following components to the population and business owners:

  • high-yielding breeding stock for meat and milk ;
  • animal seed and embryos for genetic improvement;
  • seeds of fodder species with added value for animal nutrition;
  • industrial slaughterhouses
  • mobile slaughterhouses;
  • cold stores;
  • pilot butcher shops.