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With a surface area of 38000 hectares, the Dumbo Ranch is located in  Misaje Sub-Division, Donga-Mantung Division, Northwest Region. The climate is tropical and ideal for cattle breeding. The majority of the population in this Sub-Division   lives mainly from agro-pastoral and commercial activities. The settlement known as Dumbo Village and other villages have grown considerably due to the existence of the ranch. Furthermore, the expansion of the municipality is also a direct consequence of the presence of the ranch, but the crisis situation that has existed there for some years is an obstacle.

The herd in this ranch was estimated at 6472 cattle in February 2020. It is composed of Goudali, Simgoud (crossing between a Simmental and a Goudali) and Holsdali (crossing between the Holstein breed and the Goudali breed). All these crossbreeds were obtained by artificial insemination. There are also cattle of the Bodali breed (cross between a Borane and a Goudali).


SODEPA also has two agro-pastoral areas in the same Region: Tadu — 18,000 hectares and Tugi/Mbengwi — 53,000 hectares.

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