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The Minister of Livestock, Fisheries, and Animal Industries, Dr Taiga, on 23 February 2022 presided over a signing ceremony of several conventions at the Hilton Hotel in the presence of the Ministers of Agriculture and Labour and Social Security, the Representative of the African Development Bank, Representatives from the ILO and the FAO. The main national institutions involved in these partnerships are: SODEPA, ANOR, IRAD, CNPS, and FEICOM.

The African Development Bank and the Government of Cameroon have estimated CFA F 65 billion in funding for the Livestock and Fish Farming Value Chains Development Project (PDCVEP). The preferred sectors are in notably the beef, pig and fish farming sectors.

Top management took an active part in this project which will be organised for 5 years throughout Cameroon. The effective implementation of the PDCVEP involving SODEPA will result in:

  • Training of breeders in artificial insemination techniques and the management of cattle breeding herds;
  • Preparation and multiplication of illustrated cattle husbandry manuals;
  • Production and conservation of pure-bred bovine embryos;
  • Design and production of the cattle fattening procedures manual;
  • Setting up of forage fields;
  • Supporting breeders in the production of purebred F1 calves;
  • Selection of purebred bulls from SODEPA for the production of semen straws.

This project heralds a bright future for all those who wish to venture into the various areas concerned.

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