Livestock Development Corporation| Rue Foe Yaoundé Cameroun

Three (03) years after the last edition, the atmosphere at the Head Office last Sunday, May 1st 2022 was unique.  The General Manager, the 4 Directors at the Head Office, the Director of the Yaounde Slaughterhouse, special guests and the entire staff of the units in Yaounde and the Head Office were the present at the event.

A few hours before the reception offered by the company to its staff, sports activities took place at the Yaounde Adventist College. Their gymnasium hosted two matches, namely a men’s football match between the Head Office and the Yaounde Slaughterhouse (score of 4-2 in favour of the Head Office); a women’s handball match pitting the same side against each other (score of 3-1 in favour of the Ladies of the Slaughterhouse). The ensuing festivities at the head office were validated by the arrival of the General Manager, Denis KOULAGNA KOUTOU early afternoon. Then began the speech-delivery phase with a word from the staff representative, Mr. EYINGA EBOUTOU who briefly summarised the appointments in the company before thanking high hierarchy for the palpable progress recorded in the last 3 years. He went ahead to make proposals to improve the well-being of workers. The General Manager, challenged, reminded and reassured his staff of the SODEPA’s vision. Then came technical presentations, moderated respectively by the Assistant Director of Budget, Mr. NKOU ABINA Pierre; the Head of the Partnership and Management Unit, Dr. NGAH OSOE BOULI; the Director of Planning and Development, Mr. FUH Godwin; the Director of Administration and Finance, Mr. WETJENG Magloire; and finally the Sub-Director of Human Resources, Mr. DO’OH Gustave.

 The discussions were based on:

  • The adoption of a new accounting system and its advantages;
  • The impact of signing partnerships between SODEPA and various institutions;
  • The impact of signing an MoU with the ADB;
  • The impact of the transformation of SODEPA by the 2021 Decree;
  • Human resource management and its importance in productivity.

Some scenic performances by employees and the SODEPA MASS CHOIR (choir composed of SODEPA staff) served as musical interludes between the different phases of the event. A buffet featuring matured beef and meat from butchered sheep delighted the taste buds of the staff and the surrounding population. « A beef kebab and mutton mechoui stand was provided for the occasion, » the General Manager told the guests.

Top management bowed to the staff’s desire to relax despite the light rain. A date for next year has been set.