Livestock Development Corporation| Rue Foe Yaoundé Cameroun

The Ministry of Transport (MINT) and the Livestock Development Corporation (SODEPA) signed a framework collaboration agreement on October 10, at the MINT conference room in Yaounde. The aim of this agreement is to strengthen cooperation between the two parties in the fields of transport and livestock farming.

After the arrival of the stakeholders, the agreement was read out in English by the MINT Communication Officer. The signing and exchange of initials between the two protagonists of the day, the Minister of Transport Mr JEAN ERNEST MASSENA NGALLE BIBEHE and the General Manager of SODEPA, Mr KOULAGNA KOUTOU DENIS, was followed by a discussion phase.

To be precised, the main areas of collaboration under this framework agreement include:

-MINT support for SODEPA in setting up a weather data collection network and providing specialised bulletins;

  • MINT easy access to SODEPA’s products and services;

  • Facilitate the procedures for issuing administrative and technical authorisations in the land, rail, sea and air transport sub-sectors for SODEPA;

  • Approve, monitor of the technical condition and registration of SODEPA’s rolling stocks, personnel and partners.

The General Manager of SODEPA pointed out « one of the major challenges facing the livestock industry is the transportion and preservation  of meat products in their fresh state right up to the point of consumption, without breaking the cold chain ».

He highligned that this recently signed agreement, shall enable SODEPA in collecting and processing the climatic and agronomic information it needs to improve its performance.

The Minister of Transport reiterated the close  relationship that has existed between the two institutions for the past two years (02), which has enabled SODEPA to regularly receive    booklets on meteology and climate change, as well as an understanding of its specific transport needs. This fruitful collaboration ended with the ritual of a family photo and interviews.