Livestock Development Corporation| Rue Foe Yaoundé Cameroun

Tuesday 12 July 2022 marked the end of the training programme for SODEPA tractor operators and mechanics at Ndokayo Ranch. The General Manager of SODEPA and Director of CENEEMA were represented by the Director of Production and Marketing, Dr ANDU NDI WALTERS and Mr SAIDOU IBRAHIM, Technical Director for the Centre National d’Etudes et d’Expérimentation du Machinisme Agricole [National Centre for Agricultural Machinery Research and Experimentation] respectively.

« We have learned a lot during these few weeks, » said one of the trainee drivers, Mr. Ali Djibrila. It is a feeling of complete satisfaction that flooded both the CENEEMA trainers and the SODEPA staff who were eager to collect their certificates. Previously, the CENEEMA team invited along with the Head of the SODEPA Maintenance Team, were able to inspect the fieldwork undertaken by the trainees during the practical session, which took place a few kilometers from the ranch’s main camp. Then, mechanic trainees from DUMBO and JAKIRI units were chosen to participate in a series of questions and answers about agricultural equipment repair. The new skills acquired by the drivers throughout this learning period were then confirmed by a practical test on (select the name of the machine).

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the award of end-of-training certificates to the trainees preceded by the various speeches of the representatives of the General Managers of the two partner companies, SODEPA and CENEEMA. A learner’s manual was offered to SODEPA in order to perfect the follow-up of the training. This first intense experience sharing marks the beginning of a real process of professionalisation of the staff in charge of the agricultural machines and equipment, which are the pledges of the development of the pastoral areas of SODEPA.