Livestock Development Corporation| Rue Foe Yaoundé Cameroun

The newly elected Staff Delegates of the Yaounde Abattoir, the Douala Abattoir, the Head Office and a few officials of the company were briefed on their mission between 08 and 09 December 2021.

We need to have a better understanding of our mission in order to be the link between employees and the Company

said Ms MBEZOA Yolande, one of the delegates on the microphone of CRTV news. Top management, on its part, will rely on everyone’s sense of responsibility in light of the following statement made by the General Manager, Mr KOULAGNA KOUTOU Denis:

“Individually, each of us is responsible for the company

In his opening remarks, he did not fail to remind the Delegates of what is expected of them in terms of a project for the well-being of the Company. After group photographs, and interviews, the main speaker, the Labour Inspector No.3 for the Centre Region, Mr. FOUGNIGNI LIETMBOUO Emmanuel launched modules for Day 1, on means of actionimpediments to service and guarantees for the exercise of the functions of Staff Delegates. On the second day, participants were drilled on the Rights and Obligations of the parties to an employment contract, the legal and institutional framework of Social Dialogue and finally some notions of safety and health at work. Intensive discussions and a series of questions and answers punctuated the two days.

With their certificates of completion of training, the Delegates expressed their total satisfaction. Ngaoundere will host a similar training for Delegates of the Ndokayo Ranch   and those of the Ngaoundere Slaughterhouse from 13 to 14 December.

Mlle Mbezoa Yolande au micro de s médias

Photo des participants