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Since 22 November 2021, at the Ecole Pratique d ‘Agriculture de BINGUELA (EPAB), cattle fatteners and cattle farm managers were trained in collaboration with SODEPA. About 40 animals were selected for an intensive cattle fattening phase. The presentation of end-of-training certificates to the various participants on 22 February marked the culmination of this training period.

The cattle were divided into three batches, the content of the training included:

  • Basic facts on cattle fattening;
  • How to select cattle for fattening;
  • Livestock sheds for feeder cattle;
  • Cattle fattening equipment;
  • Feeding cattle for fattening;
  • Health monitoring of feeder cattle;
  • Livestock management;
  • Management of farm by-products;
  • Market placement;
  • Economic and financial management of feeder cattle.

Speaking of breeding conditions:

  • Most of the cattle’s diet consisted of the following: natural fodder composed of tripsacum (a kind of fodder cane) and improved feed.
  • The animal shed was lit only by sunlight to enable the cattle to rest better (electric lighting affects the animal’s sleep)

One of the major objectives of this method of feeding is to increase the weight of cattle as they become more competitive on the cattle market.

This joint initiative is a first for both SODEPA and their new partner in BINGUELA. The two institutions wish to ensure the sustainability of this type of activity, increase the number of animals to be fattened, and further improve the fattening process for better results.

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