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The chief town of the East Region hosted the 5th Festival of the Gbaya People called « GBANGA MOINAM » (Mouvement d’Intégration et d’Assistance Mutuelle) from 21 to 24 April 2022. SODEPA’s active participation was recorded with three stands to their name.

The CENAJES BERTOUA campus was all decorated in the bright colours of the GBAYA culture. The last of such event was in 2019 as the COVID-19 Pandemic prevented the organisation of subsequent editions of the festival.  For more than three uninterrupted days, there were opening speeches, traditional music and dance, exhibitions of all sorts and SODEPA certainly impressed both the visitors and the organisers.

SODEPA occupied a 25-metre square space with:

  • A stand for mature grilled meat (brochette) that was always full with visitors;
  • A nice eating and refreshment area with excellent hospitality services;
  • An administrative area where the hostesses, dressed in the colours of SODEPA, received visitors who came for enquiries;
  • A livestock area decorated with haystacks and brachiaria seeds sold in packs of 1 kg (2500fcfa) and an artificial insemination kit

The stands were visited by prominent political figures, notably the Governor of East Region, Grégoire MVONGO, the Secretary General of the Minister of Arts and Culture, Joseph BLAISE KENNE (representing the Minister), and Minister DODO NDOCKET, Honorary President of the Festival. They expressed their total satisfaction after talking with the technical staff of the General Manager and that of NDOKAYO Ranch about the PDCVEP project and SODEPA’s involvement in animal production.

Visite du Ministre DODO NDOCKE, le SG du Ministère des Arts et de la Culture ,échangeant avec notre staff technique au stand SODEPA

échantillon de semence de bracharia

Bottes de foin exposées