Livestock Development Corporation| Rue Foe Yaoundé Cameroun

Under the impetus of the technical supervision of the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries (MINEPIA), whose main focus for 2019 is the promotion of the genetic improvement of animals, SODEPA launched a seminar on the subject. The main participants of the seminar were senior administrators of the operational units of SODEPA (ranches and dairy stations). The main objective of the training was to provide capacity building for staff (mainly caretakers and shepherds) in order to render the dairy and animal productions qualitative and competitive on the national and international market. In total, more than twenty people from Dumbo, Jakiri, Faro and Ndokayo were trained on the theoretical and practical bases of artificial insemination, the hormonal cycle of cows, the detection of heat. The panel, mainly composed of members of Top Management, notably the Production and Marketing Department, the Planning and Development Department and the Partnership and Studies Department, offered content in three languages (French, English and Fufulde) with the aim of reaching all the targets present. The participants were a real mix of new learners and practising inseminators. From their reactions during the practical workshops, the satisfaction of the lessons received was clear and the commitment to materialise the lessons learnt was palpable.