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On December 14th, inhabitants of ESSE Sub-Division were witness to a grand ceremony that featured the laying of the foundation stone for the Farm-School in Odza-Mbamayock and the signing of a framework agreement between the ESSE Higher Institute of Agricultural, Halieutic and Environmental Sciences (ISSAHE) and the Livestock Development Corporation (SODEPA).

This partnership is born out of the will of the sons and daughters of the said locality to

  » tackle the challenge of unemployment and rural exodus « .

Member of Parliament, Honourable Roger MELINGUI, worthy son of this land led all the stakeholders to the ESSE Cultural Palace where this important ceremony began.

From the outset, the Mayor, Mr. NDONGO Martin, briefly presented the town of ESSE, from its creation on 21 August 1952 to the number of inhabitants who live there (3000 inhabitants in a surface area of 1400 km²). In his address, his guests discovered that the main activities of this administrative town are agriculture and livestock. Then, the Secretary General of ISSAHE, Dr. MBESSE, presented the various courses taught in this recently created institute. The Higher Institute of Agricultural, Halieutic and Environmental Sciences of Esse (ISSAHE) is a bilingual establishment, with many courses, namely:

  • Agriculture/ livestock (animal, plant, aquaculture production)
  • Medical and health sciences
  • Biomedical Science and Technology
  • Water and Environment (water treatment and sanitation).

It is through the vision of the Proprietor of ISSAHE, Honourable Roger MELINGUI that this partnership, which aims mainly to promote the meat industry, is translated into action.

After a brief presentation of SODEPA and the framework of this new Agreement by Dr. NGAH OSOE who is the head of the partnership team at the livestock development establishment, the General Manager of SODEPA, Mr. KOULAGNA KOUTOU Denis made the following statement concerning their new partner of animal production

« We are ready to support you in setting up modern butcher shops of the same standards as those in Douala and Yaounde« .

The laying of the foundation stone for the farm-school, which will occupy a surface area of about 150 hectares, was the second highlight of the day. There will be many long term opportunities for agro-pastoral activities and economic benefits for this area.

Late afternoon, a cocktail offered by the Honourable Roger MELINGUI in his residence brought the curtains down on the festivities.

De gauche à droite: Monsieur NDONGO Martin, Maire d’ESSE, ll’Honorable Roger MELINGUI, Denis Koulagna Koutou, DG de la SODEPA et Monsieur le Sous-Préfet d’ESSE DJIBRILLA YAYA HAMADOU

la pose de la première pierre de la Ferme-Ecole à Odza- Mbamayock