Livestock Development Corporation| Rue Foe Yaoundé Cameroun

« Boost the large-scale production of hay for cattle feed », is the key message from the General Manager of SODEPA, Denis KOULAGNA KOUTOU’s address during the partial technical reception ceremony of agricultural equipment provided by KANU EQUIPMENT, on August 4 in Douala.

Cameroon’s Head of State, His Excellency PAUL BIYA, has always presented agriculture and especially second-generation agriculture as an economic lever to achieve food self-sufficiency objectives (Speech of the Head of State, the Ebolowa Agropastoral Show, 2011).

With this vision in mind, and with a view to providing SODEPA with quality production resources, a partial technical acceptance mission of equipment was organised in Douala. KANU EQUIPEMENT, the contractor for the related contract N °001 /AONO/SODEPA/CIPM/2020 of 15 September 2020 for the supply of agricultural equipment and materials, presented them to the public.

The following equipment/materials were delivered:

  • Three (03) self-mounted heavy offset disc sprays;
  • Three (03) baling presses to be used for hay packaging;
  • A forest crusher with a fixed hammer rotor to cut down shrubs and begin destemming;
  • Three (03) mechanical seeders.

Addressing the invited press, the General Manager of SODEPA, his top management, the Director of the Douala Abattoir, his staff, and the managers of KANU EQUIPEMENT, congratulated the renewed confidence between the two institutions.