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SODEPA – FASA partnership agreement

The Livestock Development Corporation hosted a workshop with the Faculty of Agronomy and Agricultural Sciences (FASA) at its Head Office on 11 April. The workshop was focused on analysing the activities jointly carried out since 15 July 2021, the date on which a partnership agreement between the two institutions was signed.

After the guests from the University of Dschang and the top management of SODEPA had settled in, a series of presentations followed. The reading of the Partnership Agreement signed last year, the presentation of the draft decision of the Partnership Supervisory Committee and the official signing of the latter after validation of the draft marked the first part of the working session. Members of both two parties came together in an interactive setting to discuss the activities accomplished. The workshop was also marked by a summary presentation of the Livestock and Fish Farming Value Chain Development Project, and the state of supervision of interns at SODEPA units.

Finally, for the last part, FASA made appeals, notably for SODEPA’s contribution to the revival of activities at the teaching farm, the seed dissemination plan, and a plan for the collection and classification of local genetic resources.

« At the end of these discussions, we can schedule another working session for September or October 2022 ». said the Dean of FASA, M. BITOM, Vice-Chair of the Monitoring Committee (MC) in his closing remarks. The General Manager of SODEPA, Denis KOULAGNA KOUTOU, on his part outlined priority areas for a future meeting, stating that « The working session will focus on the development of a family tree of animals, the training of trainers, the development of a manual on cattle fattening procedures and forage fields, and the scheduling of interns for the coming year. “.

 The day ended with group photographs and a cocktail party.