Livestock Development Corporation| Rue Foe Yaoundé Cameroun

As an age old livestock agency of the Government of Cameroon, SODEPA’s strategic vision is entrenched in the sustainable production of livestock and its various by-products both in quantity and in quality while contributing to the local, national and sub-regional socio-economic development.  With an asset portfolio of three (03) ranches, one breeding pit and five (05) livestock areas, the absence of a management plan for these units in general and the Ndokayo Ranch in particular, was sufficient reason to organise a workshop in BETARE OYA from 9 to 10 June 2022.

By the end of this workshop, I expect you to know more about SODEPA, NDOKAYO Ranch and the socio-economic opportunities that will be available”,

Said the General Manager of SODEPA, Mr. KOULAGNA KOUTOU Denis as he addressed the various stakeholders invited for the occasion (local population, political personalities, religious authorities, law enforcement authorities, staff of the General Manager). Just after the welcome speech from the Mayor’s representative, Mrs. Antoinette ABBE, Deputy Mayor, the General Manager highlighted the strategic outline offered by the development guidelines and the management of operational units whose purpose is to achieve sustainable performance objectives. 

SODEPA will provide information on the ongoing process through an information, consultation and validation workshop on the guidelines of the development plan “,

revealed WEAC Consulting Firm (principal facilitators of the said workshop)

After all these formalities, WEAC presented an exposé on the socio-economic opportunities of the Ranch which ended in a question-answer session.  The first workshop day ended with group discussions and interviews. On the second day, they set the ball rolling with a recapitulation of the previous day’s activities which was followed by an exposé on the outlook for a SODEPA-PDCVEP partnership, the restitution of the working groups and the reading of the final communiqué.

The curtains came down on the two-day workshop with a group photograph of stakeholders and the closing remarks of the General Manager.