Livestock Development Corporation| Rue Foe Yaoundé Cameroun

Two years after they were last seen at the exhibition event, the Livestock Development Corporation occupied stands in Bloc C Agritech and represented by its Marketing and Communication team. Their presence was conspicuous at the Exhibition that was organised at the Congress Hall and dedicated to the Industrialization of Africa.

From 19 to 27 February, events at the Salon Promote were punctuated by visits from agro-pastoral experts, entrepreneurs, potential partners and the General Manager’s staff. With nearly 20,000 views of the i-walkers, SODEPA’s objective was attained. At a peak attention span of 8.17 seconds per screen, this non-media marketing campaign reached 57.84% of adult women against 42.16 of adult men. According to ENVOL, the company that was in charge of the i-walkers, the two days that recorded the most views through their integrated SODEPA branded cameras in the PROMOTE Village area were 22 and 26 February.

In order to increase its presence, to be more visible and finally to get closer to the general public, SODEPA has, during the nine days of the exhibition, informed nearly 300 visitors in the company’s stand and another 3000 visitors in the PROMOTE village area through their i-walkers

(Mobile video projection device displayed by a team that promotes brand and product exposure at events)    

The SODEPA team was involved in welcoming the guests, prospecting and responding to the visitors’ concerns. SODEPA branding was outstanding through the outfits of the teams and the presence of communication aids (banners, roll up, company fabric, television screens).

SODEPA thanks all its partners and visitors who made this enriching experience a success and looks forward to seeing them at the next Promote exhibition.