Livestock Development Corporation| Rue Foe Yaoundé Cameroun

As the official sponsors of the great cultural jamboree of the peoples of Upper Sanaga, the NKON NGON Festival held on 05, 06 and 07 August 2022 in Nanga Eboko, SODEPA took centre stage through their effective presence and their commercial dynamism.

SODEPA was approached by the organizers for this 5th edition and they decided to cover the logistical, commercial, and operational aspects of the festival. The first day of this Upper Sanaga cultural jamboree was devoted to the construction of stands dedicated for the grilling of SODEPA meats, public tasting, marketing (with the distribution of SODEPA flyers to visitors), and finally the exhibition of hay bales and brachiaria seeds.

Bull calves from the NDOKAYO ranch aged 2 to 3 years were the most profitable attraction of the festival.

The second day, characterised by public relations, served as a basis for creating new business opportunities with the local administrative authorities in order to improve SODEPA’s reputation. The MISS NKON NGON Competition, the choir competition and the musical performances of artists handpicked for the occasion were real attractions for the general public. The SODEPA kebabs were a real treat for the appetites until the end of the evening.

The organisers and all exhibitors were able to close this chapter, which was rich in cultural diversity and business opportunities, with the hope of a future collaboration of the same kind.