Livestock Development Corporation| Rue Foe Yaoundé Cameroun

After a week duly spent in various activities, the women of SODEPA at the General Directorate joined those of the Yaoundé’s operational units to proudly take part in the ritual parade in front of Madame Marie Thérèse ABENA ONDOUA, Minister of Women’s Empowerment and the Family, at the Boulevard du 20 Mai during the parade of the 38th International Women’s Day.

   « The involvement of the female staff in debates on the various digital platforms on corporate life, access to state-of-the-art computers and an internet connection all contribute to the inclusion of SODEPA’s women in a digital world », said SODEPA’s Administrative and Financial Director, Mr. WETJENG, while recalling the global theme of this edition chosen by the United Nations « For an inclusive digital world, innovation and technologies for gender equality » during the reception offered by the company (in a local restaurant). A few minutes earlier, Mrs. SAHA, SODEPA’s Auditor (the only woman occupying the role of an Assistant Director for the time being) recalled the various actions carried out during the week. Among other things, she mentioned the launch of activities on March 02 with practical training in liquid soap production at the Head Office.

   On March 03, 2023, a discussion session was held between CNPS executives and female staff of SODEPA, highlighting the introduction of family benefits for women. A visit to an orphanage in NKOABANG took place on March 04, and gifts of all kinds were handed over to needy children. Physical activities included a soccer match between the women of SODEPA and the female teaching staff of the Collège Adventiste, as well as a special sports walk for the women of SODEPA. After the usual parade on March 8, the ladies were able to exercise their singing and dancing talents with several one-man shows.

A good-natured atmosphere gave a glimpse of solidarity and a hopeful look to the future.