Livestock Development Corporation| Rue Foe Yaoundé Cameroun

The staff of SODEPA (all units included) celebrated their 137th Labor Day on the theme: « Resilience and decent work: working together in the world of work to improve living conditions and social inclusion ».

After almost three years of ambient gloom due to Covid19, the need to turn the page and look towards new horizons for SODEPA staff seems to be in order. Following the adage « A healthy mind in a healthy body », sports activities were organized, including men and women’s soccer matches between the General Directorate and the Slaughterhouse, as well as  a sports walk for staff of Yaoundé). An educative talk on the rights and obligations of a worker preceded the traditional parade on the 20 May Boulevard. Dressed in their corporate green-backed fabric, portraying the world of ranches, the staff of SODEPA proudly displayed messages dedicated to the development of livestock farming in forest zones. Some members of staff were dressed in white coats and others in green, highlighting the processing and cattle fattening activities of SODEPA uner the slogan partner of the animal production sector. The General Manager, Mr. Koulagna Koutou Denis, speaking to the press at the reception to mark the occasion, said: « We’re going to focus more on the development of ranches”.

   A tour in the units is ample proof of the involvement of staff delegates in the success of this event. One example the Douala Slaughterhouse trade union presented a gift to the Production Manager Mr. Ngan Moïse, who was awarded a gold medal on his retirement last April.

  The Faro ranch defended SODEPA’s colours and won a men’s soccer match against the team from the town of Tignère.

  Those at the Ndokayo ranch paraded at the ceremonial ground in the towns of Ngoura and Bétaré Oya respectively.

This post-Covid edition gave new hope to all the staff of SODEPA.