Livestock Development Corporation| Rue Foe Yaoundé Cameroun

The city of Ngaoundéré was booming from April 29 to May 06 to the sounds of the fan clubs of Cameroon’s state universities and higher institutions. After a period of suspension of sporting activities due to Covid19, the University Games were back in full swing.

The general public, media, partners, sponsors and administrative authorities gave a glittering welcome to this big event of inter-university and higher institutions’ sporting encounters from all over the country. After a colorful opening ceremony on Saturday April 29, it was time to achieve one of the set objectives which is to have visitors at the SODEPA stand to taste the matured meat which was grilled. In addition to the grilled meat, about 150 kilograms of fresh meat was sold throughout the period of the games. The staff of of the Directorate General and the Ngaoundéré Industrial Slaughterhouse were instrumental in making this ever first participation of SODEPA at the University games a unique and memorable one. Informative flyers were handed out to visitors to raise the company’s profile. Special guests such as Professor ADJIA, Director of the School of Science and Veterinary Medicine, Commissioner of Intelligent Services, Legion Commander and CAPHAVET executives praised the grill team. The constant flow of orders was clear evidence of the appetite of customers who were certainly hungry for quality meat.

For a week, the staff harmoniously satisfied the insatiable clients.

A date has been set for 2024 in the town of Garoua.